Hello everyone!These are the Wiki rules!

The Wiki Rules

  1. Use only your original character you created(Unless your using a canon character)
  2. Do not use anybody's work
  4. DO NOT THREATEN PEOPLE(It will hurt them,feel unwelcome,and we don't do that here!If you do YOU WILL BE BAND FOR 1-2 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!)
  5. Be Kind!(Of Course ^^)
  6. Do not take anybody artwork(it's not kind)
  7. Don't cause alot of drama(It makes everything out of control)
  8. If you need help,ask an admin or anyone here

About your Occ's

  1. Recolors are aloud
  2. You can recolor any magical girl and it can be you Senshi/Sailor
  3. You can draw your characterThese are the rules now.Let's keep it that way shall we????? :D